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1.5* Minute Student Climate Lectures

September 22, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Climate Week Tent College Green
Student at a podium speaks to audience outside

Join us Friday, September 22, for the 1.5* Student Climate Lectures, inspired by the School of Arts & Sciences 1.5* Minute Climate Lecture series. 

The speakers will be:

Nova Meng, School of Engineering and Applied Science, "BEE Controversial"

Jonah Perelman, College of Arts and Sciences, "Small-brained Birds are Shrinking"

Emily Maroni, Master of Environmental Studies, "A Greener Way to Die?"

Eshan Singhal, College of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering and Applied Science (VIPER), "Rethinking Recycling: Innovations for a Greener Future"

Gabrielle Fine, Wharton School, "Combatting the Anti-ESG Movement"

Hannah Schwalberg, Master of Environmental Studies, ""Let’s Tok About It: Weather Identity and Hurricane Evacuation"

Shreya Bansal, Weitzman School of Design, "The need for investment in urban climate finance to combat the climate crisis"

Tiffany Luo, Weitzman School of Design, "Sea-level Rise and Social Vulnerability"

Lia Enriquez, College of Arts and Sciences, "Yasunidos: Direct Democracy and Climate Change"

Photo: Tommy Leonardi

*1.5 degrees Celsius = The maximum amount the average temperature can rise in order to avoid the worst consequences of global warming. We're already past 1 degree Celsius.