Careers in Sustainability

September 21, 2021
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Organizer Career Services
Careers in Sustainability

Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment?  How can your degree translate to making a meaningful impact on the issues you care about?  In both the private and government sectors, from green jobs to technology to public policy, there are so many ways to apply your education to make a difference.  
Join alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences who have made their careers working in these fields for a panel discussion over dinner. Learn about their journeys since graduating from the College and how their time at Penn helped shape their professional lives.

Alumni Panel

Emily Schapira (C02 W09, International Relations, Urban Studies), President & CEO, Philadelphia Energy Authority

Samantha Shiells (C07, Economics), Head of Product and Business Operations, Blueprint Power

Thomas Uybarreta (C01 CGS04, Economics), State Program Manager, US Environmental Protection Agency

Mark Zimring (C02, Economics), Director, Large Scale Fisheries Program, The Nature Conservancy