Climate and the Carceral State: An Abolitionist Perspective on Justice

September 22, 2020
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Virtual Event
Climate and the Carceral State

The road to racial justice and climate justice is the same. This event makes the case that climate justice cannot be achieved without police and prison abolition. Together, we’ll ask: How can these movements come together and strengthen each other towards a just future? How are police and pollution linked? How is the fossil fuel industry tied to institutions of policing and incarceration? How are Penn’s investments in the carceral state and the fossil fuel industry together harming Black and Brown communities? How can we collectively organize to demand accountability, divestment, and reparations from Penn? This virtual webinar will begin by exploring the intersections between climate, environmental, and racial justice. We will then discuss and brainstorm together possible paths forward.