Mindful Birding (Ornitherapy)

September 20, 2023
9:30am - 12:00pm
Morris Arboretum & Gardens 100 E. Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Binoculars and journals displayed on a table

Photo: Holly Merker

In Mindful Birding we will combine observing birds with mindfulness techniques, creating a heightened awareness of both ourselves and the world around us. Through guided instruction, we’ll practice simple mindfulness exercises to engage our sensory awareness while intentionally tuning into the abundant birds surrounding us on this autumn day in the Arboretum Wetland. 

This class will provide a reprieve from life’s stressors and pressures, stimulate your overall well-being, sharpen and enhance your identification skills, and more. We will slow down and notice the world around us, using the birds as our guides! Participants will be provided with ‘Ornitherapy Journals’ to increase observation and awareness and have a take-away from the experience. This class meets at the Morris Arboretum & Gardens. Park in the meadow next to the entrance kiosk.