Film Screening

Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Animal Agriculture

September 25, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm
Organizer Penn Vet

In today’s climate change narrative, animal-based agriculture often endures criticism for its alleged contributions to the global problem. With some naysayers ranking the industry second only to the population explosion as a root contributor to global warming and other weather-related devastation, the concern for how food is – and can be – produced has become even more pressing.

In response, researchers at Penn Vet are working to develop innovative strategies to limit greenhouse gas emissions through novel agro-food practices that rely on the unique, 'indispensable’ biological processes of livestock as a key solution to the problem.

In this moderated webinar, attendees will hear directly from Penn Vet's leading experts to learn more about developing soil carbon, water and waste strategies, and gain an greater understanding around regenerative opportunities to increase animal health and the sustainability of agriculture – which are interconnected with the health of humans and the earth.


Zhengxia Dou

Zhengxia Dou, PhD

Professor of Agricultural Systems Penn Vet
David Galligan

David T. Galligan, VMD

Professor of Animal Health Economics Penn Vet
Mutian Niu

Mutian Niu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Data Analytics Penn Vet
Dipti Pitta

Dipti Pitta, PhD

Assistant Professor in Ruminant Nutrition Penn Vet


De'Broski Herbert

De’ Broski Herbert, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathobiology Penn Vet